Últimos Lançamentos 19-06-2017

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Álbuns em destaque

60s KitschMonster Rockabilly

Mais música

Electronic Tension

Expansive electronic atmospheres with luscious synth textures, distorted bass and tension-cutting drum bursts

Huge Electronic Rock

Radio-ready electronic rock hits with heavy live band elements driving powerful choruses

Quirky Comedy

An album of varied but always looney tunes with swinging brass, strings and twinkling piano

Opulent Strings

A collection of stunning orchestral themes with joyful percussion, strings, and magical harp

Atmospheric Documentary

An album for all impending moments, featuring building guitars and atmospheric FX with ominous, tense, and mysterious themes

Funky Disco Pop

Upbeat funky pop with nu-disco influences combining retro synths with energetic indie guitars. Smooth male vocals throughout