Novos Lançamentos 09-03-2021

09 Mar 2021

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mind games

Mind Games

James Copperthwaite is a composer for feature documentaries and brands. Mind Games builds menace and threat with eerie sound design, pulsing synths, haunting guitar, foreboding bass and unsettled electronic textures. Darkly cinematic and intriguing. 

A Little Bit More Andy Cooper

A Little Bit More

West Coast hip-hop star Andy Cooper was an MC for Ugly Duckling. Marietta Smith’s powerful, catchy vocals join Andy’s rap verses on classic funk and soul with 60s/70s influences, lush brass, smooth bass and cool keys. 

To Kill This Love

To Kill This Love

Writer/producer Martin Kinberg and singer Viktor Carlsson grew up in Stockholm sharing a love for dark pop. Their genre-fusing debut blends ambient pop, trap, hip hop anthems and mellow R&B, with male vocals, reflective piano and sweeping synths.  

Electronic Worlds

Electronic Worlds

Musician, composer and producer Steve Pringle has worked with Michael Kiwanuka. Jonathan Harvey has performed with international artists including Jamie Cullum. This album comprises gentle and organic sci-fi builds, from inspiring to dark and mysterious.  



Infotech is a blend of futuristic synth and percussion patterns with celestial textures, spacey sound design, bass pulse, distorted effects, light drones and pulses. From dark and atmospheric to dreamy and mysterious. 

Rags to riches

Rags To Riches

Paul Michael Harris’s piano creativity joins band leader and musical director Simon Bates’ clarinet and sax skills for whimsical rag, vintage saloon piano, syncopated piano and clarinet and a theatrical tango/ragtime crossover.   

Mais música

Guest List

Producer Robert Altman joins songwriter/ instrumentalist Austin Drage on this energetic electro pop album. A combination of male & female vocals, tropical synths & bouncy club drum grooves. 

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