Novos Lançamentos 26-04-2021

26 Apr 2021

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Portland hip hop producer Trox has worked with 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Ty Farris. Nostalgic hip hop beats blend with rock guitar riffs, vocal samples, pulsing and synth bass, electronic drums and 808s.

Mountain Drift

Mountain Drift

Martin Felix K’s music has been used by brands including the BBC, Jaguar and Samsung. These chilled, lo-fi grooves feature ambient sound FX, floating synths, vocal FX and samples, processed piano and laid-back hip hop beats.

Tension, Suspense & Intrigue 2

Tension, Suspense & Intrigue 2

Philip Guyler’s music has been used for film, TV and award-winning campaigns for Audi and Marmite. Here, tense, driving strings join pulsing synths, big drum hits, mysterious piano and percussion to menacing, suspenseful climaxes.

Fractured Dimensions

Fractured Dimensions

Noah Sorota has worked as an arranger, programmer and soloist with Hans Zimmer and Steven Spielberg. His mysterious, ethereal piano and pulsing string ostinatos, with electronic percussion and synths, create moods from reflective to intriguing and tense.

Moments in 16mm

Moments in 16mm

Luke Richards’ scores appear on blockbusters (Jason Bourne) and video games (Call of Duty). Here, poignant strings and gentle, acoustic guitar join warm piano and hypnotic cello to atmospheres reminiscent of independent film scores.

Cafe Lamento

Café Lamento

Guitarist, producer and performer John DeFaria composes for film and TV. Here, reflective, hypnotic charango with Latin guitar and urgent, driving strings blend with haunting Andean flute. 

Find Me Now

RnB/Pop with hip hop influences travels from hard hitting, up-tempo to half-time ballads, with male and female vocals, electric guitar, ambient synth pads, hypnotic chord loop and laid-back drum grooves. 

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