Últimos Lançamentos 12-02-2018

12 Feb 2018

From ethereal piano to percussive world themes

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A catchy folk collaboration from latest NowNextFuture duo Sylva with gentle solo vocal moments and engaging duet features. Melodic guitars & fingerpicked acoustic themes provide quirky underscores punctuated by building drums and organ pads.

Land, Sea and Earth
Land, Sea and Earth

The sophomore Audio Network release from John Ashton Thomas features sprightly orchestral themes that conjure earthly, elemental feelings, and grow delicately. Shimmering strings and brooding woodwind build alongside twinkling tuned percussion.

Frozen Pianos
Frozen Pianos

The newest release from seasoned ANW composer Jody Jenkins features stunning ethereal piano themes with sparse melodic features, light strings and floating guitars. Evolving and haunting piano melodies are anchored by sweeping cello and gentle tuned percussion.

Funny Old World
Funny Old World

A mischievous partnership of veteran ANW composers David O’Brien and Paul Clarvis creates a collection of world music with unconventional and cheeky percussive highlights. A musical campaign of energetic gypsy jazz, goofy chase scenes & drunken dance themes.

Mais música

Future Beats

Uplifting electro themes with futuristic programming. Heavy beats thump beside deep driving basslines, whilst soulful vocals and funky instrumental features provide smooth melody toplines

Frozen Landscapes

A calming atmosphere with evocative instrumental moments and prevailing icy sparseness. Light, looping synths float alongside nostalgic piano and spacious tuned percussion

Indie Wave

Driving indie-rock with pumping electronic features form anthemic melodies and climactic EDM moments. Soaring guitars build alongside programmed FX, anchored by driving basslines and hard-hitting drums

Intimate Acoustic

Soothing and thoughtful Americana tracks with a gentle acoustic guitar focus, alongside reflective female vocals and developing instrumental features

Sonic Panorama

Mesmeric looping tuned percussion themes with delicate interweaving piano motifs and panoramic effected guitars. Deep bass rumbles alongside pulsating synths and light grooves

Lo-Fi Hip Hop

A collection of laid back hip-hop instrumental tracks with slick programming and retro live instrumentation. Deep bass and percussive FX groove beneath chilled Rhodes pads and quirky synth toplines