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13 May 2019

Joyful orchestras, the sound of war, dreamy ambient and reflective indie folk songs

Álbuns em destaque

A scales with a musical note and a man in each scale set

Unbalanced Scales

Joe Kraemer has developed a longstanding working relationship with Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie, since Joe’s first feature film score, cult classic ‘The Way of the Gun’, a modern-day western written and directed by McQuarrie.

Further work on McQuarrie projects include Tom Cruise’s action thriller ‘Jack Reacher’ and ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’. Joe has scored over 100 films, together with documentaries and short films. ‘Unbalanced Scales’ brings together a variety of orchestral moods, from action to peaceful strings and cheerful piano.

a cartoon sea in teal with a circular moon and text reading 'Sail Into The Night'

Sail Into The Night

Songwriter and musical craftsman Will Cookson focuses his alt-folk music through a highly personalised lens. Will complements his heartfelt voice with gentle guitar, piano and ukulele, branching out into wider orchestration when the song demands it. His music is perfect for those that love the sound of artists like Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith and Nick Drake.

His new EP blends his reflective side with a more upbeat and quirky feel.

A sun setting over an ocean-scape with planets and stars

Warm Worlds

London-based producer George Georgia’s musical journey has taken him from a drummer in bands – including touring with Bonobo – to learning production and becoming his own one-man band.

His music stitches together influences from hip hop, ambient and house, running the gamut from mellow and contemplative to danceable. His new album mixes electronic ambience with ethereal atmospherics.

A war scene depicted in orange and yellow tones with text 'War'


Composer, orchestrator and performer Rob Northcott’s diverse musical background includes classical training as a pianist, chorister, guitarist and flautist, as well as being an electronic producer. Rob’s music has been featured on the BBC, ITV and Sky and he has also recorded albums under the name Spooky Castle Music.

His new album combines all the sounds of war, from demonic strings and brass to epic choral chanting.

Mais música

Ancient Legends

Heroic, large-scale orchestral adventures, with driving strings, epic, soaring choir and builds to thrilling climaxes.

Dystopian Future

Sinister sound worlds comprised of dark, brooding pads with sparse, haunting piano, mysterious melodies and hypnotic synths.

New Discoveries 

Enigmatic string melodies join with pulsing synth bass and mysterious, celestial orchestral clusters and purposeful builds. Mesmeric light synths are enhanced by electronic textures, whilst pulsing electronic beds and big drums build to a tense climax.

Comedy Percussion 2

Full of jaunty comedy, a tipsy tea dance band plays louche lounge, as a circus wind band creates a rousing introductory march. A romantic pastiche flows over plucked strings, making way for a frenetic silent movie chase with piano and xylophone.


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