Últimos Lançamentos 14-12-2020

14 Dec 2020

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Álbuns em destaque

sinking sands

Sinking Sands

Singer-songwriter Sula Mae’s first release is gentle, uplifting folk pop and summery acoustic ballads with dreamy, heartfelt vocals, strumming guitars, horns and strings. Sula worked with Tommy Evans, whose music has been used by brands and the BBC.  


marble shade new music audio network

Marble Shade

Henry White and Nathan Feddo’s music combines both electronic and acoustic elements – here bringing together hypnotic electronic textures with warm analogue synths, vocal samples, deep pulsing bass, pumping electro grooves and FX.


Los 12 Dias de Navidad

Venezuelan-born pianist, composer and producer Juan Carlos Rodriguez brings us a range of Latin American Christmas carols with Spanish female vocals, folk instruments and festive percussion.

the calm before new music audio network

The Calm Before

Johnathan ‘JDP’ Pratt is a songwriter, rapper and producer and part of Emmy-award winning Swim Team collective. He brings together soulful R&B, chilled pop and hip hop, with vocal performances from Luna, The Voice’s Rebecca Brunner and Miranda Mayo.

critical aggression mark denis new music audio network

Critical Aggression

Mark Denis’s epic orchestral pieces pair perfectly with action, including Avengers: Age of Ultron. Cinematic hits and attention-grabbing slams join pulsing synths, sound design FX, tonal blasts and bass riffs, building to tense, slamming finishes. 

lifted lights

Lifted Lights

Andrew Swarbrick composes and produces music for film scores and movie trailers. This album features beautiful, piano-based moods, from gentle and affecting to romantic, with cascading arpeggios and wistful strings from energetic, positive and inspiring. 

Mais música

We Go Together

Writer, producer and musician Pete Masitti has worked with artists such as Kelly Rowland and Snoop Dogg. With John Andrew Barrow, their acoustic guitar-driven pop and indie rock has inspirational male vocals with anthemic vocal chants and cinematic toms.

Lift Off

A prolific remixer, (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, The Killers), producer and half of Bimbo Jones, Marc Jackson Burrows combines electronic dance anthems with catchy vocals and synth hooks, big drums, drops and fills and brass bass. 

An Unsettling Pattern

Christopher Baron is a composer/performer for film scores, West End productions and orchestras. These tracks expertly build tension with sparse bowed percussion, eerie oboe, timpani, creepy woodwind and mysterious ambient beds. 

Times Are Changing

Prolific composer Terry Devine-King creates everything from blockbusters to sweeping panoramas. Here, tense strings, mysterious piano, synth textures and powerful drums provide drama which builds to massive climaxes.

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