Últimos Lançamentos 24-11-2020

24 Nov 2020

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Álbuns em destaque

Heavyweight riffs

Heavyweight Riffs

Guitarist/composer Wayne Murray spans genres from dark scores to rock riffs. Composer/producer Andrew Britton works in TV score, sound design and advertising. Their heavy rock has ferocious riffs, aggressive drums, stomp clap beats and gritty bass.


we stick together new music audio network

We Stick Together

Co-founders of award-winning music/production company Choppersaurus, Jake Shillingford and Nick Evans’ uplifting indie pop and inspiring indie rock blend crunchy guitars with driving drums and feel-good hooks with positive choruses, plus mellow synths.

textures in time john ashton thomas new music audio network

Textures In Time

Composer and orchestrator John Ashton Thomas has contributed to 160+ feature films. These ‘orchestral journeys’ are sweeping and uplifting, bright and positive, nostalgic and wistful, with piano builds, dreamy woodwind, charming strings and warm brass.

destinos por descubrir new latin music by Audio Network

Destinos por Descubrir

Acclaimed composers Juan Andres Matos and  Lorena Perez-Batista’s vibrant brass, woodwind, percussion and strings, with guitar and mandolin, covers a range of Latin American styles, from cuatro to bossa nova and Latin American orchestral. 

Mais música

A Simmering Tension

David O’Brien’s music has been used by the BBC and major brands; percussionist Paul Clarvis has worked on blockbuster films. Tension-filled pulsing bass and sinister drones join sparse percussion, eerie soundscapes, timpani and atmospheric textures.

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