Gavin Harrison

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Music maker who traverses all genres, from 8-bit to full orchestra

A história por detrás do tema

Gavin Harrison first discovered his interest in sound creation at five, when he was fascinated by his grandparents’ upright piano. At ten, however, the seed of creation took hold when a teacher played his class a film clip with dialogue and no music and then with music. Gavin experienced how music can wholly change a scene. Inspired, he studied Music Technology at Cambridge Regional College and MIDI at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. He’s worked with Terry Devine-King and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, with music placed on Rome: The History of an Eternal City (BBC HD), Panorama (BBC 1), and Channel 4’s 2012 Paralympics coverage. His music-making traverses all genres, from 8-bit to full orchestra.

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