Gudjon K Bodvarsson Waage

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Músico que cria harmonias numa fusão com eletrónica e "vibes nórdicas"

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Gud Jon are a trio of musical talent creating ‘neo choral’ music, formed from a life-long friendship. Icelandic lead vocalist Gudjon, and super-producers Henry Counsell and Richard John met at school aged 13 where they regularly performed covers together in musicals. As each branched off into different areas of music, they remained close friends and felt the time was right to officially create music together as Gud Jon in 2018. Gudjon has been singing in choirs since the age of six. He credits his mother as one of his main influences and Freddie Mercury is his ultimate inspiration. His highly attuned voice graces the London Contemporary Voices, the Icelandic Choir of London, and he has sung backing vocals across various musicals. When coming together to write their debut EP ‘Holmgang’, producer, arranger and composer Henry Counsell and multi-instrumentalist Richard John had the freedom to write in whichever direction they were feeling as Gudjon trusted and welcomed an open approach to collaboration. Gud Jon’s obsession with harmonies fused with electronica and ‘Nordic vibes’ makes them a totally unique alt-pop force.

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